Fill&Drive Card

Fill&Drive Card allows the purchase of fuels at Rompetrol petrol stations on credit without the need for an on-site cash payment. The card includes a CIP that permits a safe acquisition of fuel and a unique PIN code verification. The card features the name of the company and the vehicle's registration number. Invoices are delivered to the client at specified intervals. The reports for the executed transactions are available for the customer at section Business/LOGIN and includes information about vehicle identification data, the type and quantity of the purchased fuel, kilometres declared, date and time of the fuelling, petrol station where it has taken place.

Advantages of Fill&Drive Card:
Deferred payments
The available deferred payment option allows more efficient use of client's financial resources.
Cashless payments
It is no longer necessary for the drivers to carry cash with them.
Efficient fleet management

The transactions/fuel purchases are monitored in real time. The on-line reports generated by Fill&Drive Manager eliminate the need to process additional documents, folders and reports. Thee client may review the information related to any fleet vehicle at any time, anywhere, as long as Internet access is available. With maximum security, just one mouse click ensures access to reports for the mileage of the whole fleet.